Pastor Taiwo Odukoya declares prophetic words into 2019:

At the three all night prayer meetings held on the 14th, 21st and 28th of December, 2018 and the last Thursday Showers for the year 2018, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya gave an exposé on the power and importance of praise and thanksgiving.

During the praise sessions, Pastor Taiwo made prophetic declarations from the heart of God to the congregation for the year-end, and for the year 2019.

Below are nine major highlights of the declarations;

  1. You will enter 2019 on the threshold of victory and finish on the threshold of abundance.
  2. God has already finished the work. All you need is to position yourself and you will begin to see strange things happening in your favour.
  3. The kind of favor you have never experienced in your life is about to collide with you from now on in the place of your praises.
  1. Some things will start to happen that will remain unstoppable. As God’s love will break the hardest of stone and quench the fiercest of fire.
  2. On the Strength of God’s Declaration of love to you, anything that has plagued your life thinking you won’t amount to anything in life ends in 2018.
  3. Those who had thought of death in 2018 will enter the 2019 with great celebration.
  4. From now on, and all through 2019, there will be divine visitations, disgrace of the devil, breaking of chains, enemies put to flight, token of liars frustrated, diviners made mad, new testimonies, new miracles every day.
  5. Unusual favour for all Fountaineers; taking them from glory to glory, level to level, grace to grace in all aspect of their lives.
  6. For the rest of the year, and in 2019: everywhere you go, you will carry His presence as men will have no choice than to honor the God you serve.
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