Pastor Nomthi at the April 11 Thursday Showers service urged believers never to sacrifice their spiritual eyes for the enemy by bowing down to him. According to her, some believers sometimes desire the alternative of going to meet the enemy because they feel God has not answered their prayers. This attitude, she noted, would always land such believers in trouble if they do not quickly return to God.

Speaking from 1 Samuel 10:26 and 11:1-12, Pastor Nomthi said that the enemy’s agenda for God’s children is never good, so they should always stay with God and in His word no matter what happens. “The enemy’s alternatives are not always palatable. He may not ask you for a physical thing but would ask for something spiritual, and it’s always to bring reproach to the body of Christ and God’s name,” she said.

Pastor Nomthi then encouraged them to always stay focused on God’s word because in it lies their help. “Go back to your God who will never leave or forsake you. There is help for you,” she stated.

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