The special Thursday Showers edition of the Word Explosion Conference on April 18 had Pastor Nomthi Odukoya as the guest minister. In her message, she stated that believers do not need to worry or be troubled because Jesus would never give up on them.

Using the encounter of Peter, John and some disciples with Jesus (in John 21:1-14 and 10:26-28) as an illustration, she said that God loves His children and has an assignment for them, which is to preach the Gospel. According to her, their blessings are assured once they obey. “Creation is waiting for you to take your stand and shine,” she noted.

Just as the occupants in an elevator would remain on the same spot if no one presses the button, so would believers remain on the same spot if they do not embrace their Father’s assignment for them, she stated. “When you press the button in the things of the Lord, you benefit first. And God has not called you to press the button for only the people you know, but for the benefit of mankind,” she said.

She then urged all not to allow distraction, discouragement, fear, intimidation, and past hurts to discourage them from fulfilling their purpose. In her words, “God has a job for you as long as you are alive and irrespective of your situation. That is what He will use to save others. So don’t be ashamed or intimidated to share it because it will bring people back to God. You will get fulfilled and blessed when you are committed to it—without fear or intimidation.”

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