The period of waiting for the manifestation of God’s promises and prophesies in a believer’s life is the time to be filled with praise. These were the words of Pastor Zama Segbedji, the co-pastor of Solution Chapel International, Crawley, West Sussex in England, at the May 5 Sunday first service. According to Pastor Zama, the devil can easily fill believers’ heart with all sorts of dirty thoughts during the waiting period if their hearts are not already filled with praises to God.

Speaking from Isaiah 61:1-3, Habakkuk 3:17-18, Psalm 34 and Psalm 150:6, Pastor Zama said that believers should always praise God irrespective of their situations, noting that waiting periods could look longer when believers are idle or doing nothing. “Do something in-between the periods of the word spoken to you and its manifestation. Always praise God because when you wait on Him in praise, He gives you strength and eventually shows up,” she stated.

Pastor Zama, therefore, urged the church never to stop praising God while waiting on Him for the miraculous because it brings God into their situations.

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