July is the beginning of the second half of the year. It is, therefore, no wonder that members of The Fountain of Life Church gathered on Tuesday, July 2 for the monthly anointing service for impartation. In his message, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya told the congregation that power is essential to life and needed to fulfil one’s assignment and do exploits as believers.

According to the Senior Pastor, loving one’s neighbours, fleeing from sin, and even doing the miraculous cannot be done by the natural ability but by a supernatural influence on one to do such. Therefore God made it vital for the disciples in Acts 1:8 to be patient to receive the power before moving into the ministry. “There’s no Christianity without the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s the power of creation and can move anything and everything,” he said.

Using Jesus temptation in Luke 4:6, as an illustration, he further said that the devil would come to deceive believers and offer them a pseudo power just like he tried to so with Jesus in the wilderness. He, however, noted that believers can stand in the realization of their true identity, they’d overcome his deceit just as Jesus did and returned in the real power of the Holy Spirit in verse 31-36.

Also Speaking from 2 Thessalonians 2:9 and Luke 5:17, he further stated that this power is resident in every believer but requires their confidence to see it manifest. This, Pastor Taiwo noted, would make them identify the lies of the devil about his fake power and to stand with the real power of the Holy Spirit. “When you become conscious of this power which is in, on, and with you, anything you do will be in partnership with the Holy Spirit and when you talk, it’s in authority. Don’t run after lying wonder. The real power is in Christ,” he stated.

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