Firstly, I want to thank God that today is my birthday. I also want to thank God for saving the life of my father. October 30, last year, he was down with malaria and we took him to the hospital. Before we knew what was happening, the doctor said he had kidney enlargement and renal failure. We were confused and kept carrying him everywhere.

I was so confused that I forgot God. Then it dawned on me that I had to call somebody to pray with me. I called one of the pastors, and she said I should pray. I just started declaring: “God, it took you only six days to create the whole universe; therefore, my father’s kidney is just too small for you to create. Give him new ones.”

I held on to this prayer, and I came back for Showers. We were still taking him for dialysis and sat somewhere at a corner of the church. That day, the chorus leader said that God would change the service for somebody and she started singing “unchangeable, dependable God.” When Pastor Taiwo mounted the pulpit, he said, “Somebody is here for a miracle,” and the power of God instantly hit me. November 15, they called me from Abia state that my father is fine. He is not on diet and he is fine. I want to say that God is alive. Praise God!