Using the life of Joseph as recorded in Genesis 41:50-53 and 42:23 to admonish worshippers at the September 19 Thursday Showers, Pastor Nomthi said that God always turns seeming betrayal or any form of wickedness done against God’s children for their good; noting that such seeming negative circumstances build godly virtues like endurance, joy, and strength in the lives of such believers. “You can’t go through endurance without learning another language like Joy and strength; knowing that you won’t die,” she said.

She further said that believers should learn not to be stagnant over past hurts or betrayals because it would stop them from moving forward to their promised land. “Stop remembering your afflictions or hurts, move on. Keep moving on while building your character and learning the new language. Difficult times are to remind you that there are better days ahead of you,” she noted.

Pastor Nomthi then encouraged them to always see through God’s eyes whenever they are passing through unpalatable situations; knowing that God is well able to cause those situations to work for their own good.

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