I give thanks to the Lord for He has been so faithful. For four years I have been on a job with no prospects for promotion or salary increment. Believing God, I have been applying for better job since then. I started attending The Fountain of Life Church last year (although not as a full member) and I have maintained faith in God and His promises. At the last Cross Over night, I was so happy when Pastor declared this year as “our year of laughter.” I keyed into it and kept believing God and His promises. I also told God that I believe He must do something new for me before the end of the first quarter of the year.

In January, I saved my salary as first fruit in spite of how tough things were. At my place of work, I was faced with the possibility of being retrenched alongside others. In the end, I was not laid off, but the working condition became tougher with my immediate boss making things unbearable for me. I started contemplating resignation, but people around me kept advising me not to resign since I had no other job to resort to. I also had my rent to pay.

I became confused but I kept my faith and trust in God, believing that I was going to laugh this year, no matter what the devil does. On January, I was chatting with my eldest brother who had been abroad for the past 15 years without doing any remarkable thing for the family. He asked me to send my credentials to him, that he met someone who could help process my travelling to Turkey for my master degree, but I did not take him seriously. After much pestering from him, I sent them and he started the processing. Some weeks later, I was contacted by the embassy in Abuja to come for my visa interview. I went and I was asked to come back five weeks later for my visa. It was then I started praying to God that if it was His will for me to travel, it should be accomplished but if not, it should not come to pass.

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In the midst of this, I decided to resign from my place of work since I had lost my peace of mind; I couldn’t bear it any longer. About two weeks ago, I got an email from the embassy that my visa had been approved after verification from the school I was going to study. I went and God showed up in providing the visa fees. Now I am preparing to leave in a few days’ time. Although I am yet to get all the money I need for the ticket and allowance, I know that the Lord who started this good work is faithful to complete it. I give the glory to God because ever since I have been attending this church and listening to people’s testimonies, I have always said that my testimony too would be read on the altar and now it has happened. Praise God.