Believers ought always to be confident and unshakable in the Word of God. Whatever the circumstances are, as long as Christ lives in you, He will always lead you to green pastures. These were the words of Pastor Rotimi Okpaise at the December 1 Sunday first service.

Speaking on the topic ‘Our Confidence’, Pastor Okpaise enjoined believers not to allow the issues of life affect or rattle them but to rather let their confidence be in the Word of God. Giving an instance from the scripture in Matthew 14:22-33 when Jesus asked Peter to walk on water with Him in spite of the storm, Pastor Okpaise noted that Jesus wants His children (believers) to be a part of every miracle He does in their lives. “Whilst Jesus performs miracles in your life, He wants you to be a part of it. Jesus wants you to do the impossible together with Him,” he said.

Pastor Okpaise then cautioned against taking our eyes off Jesus as this would shake our confidence in Him, just as it happened to Peter on that occasion. “Taking your eyes off Him will only bring problems. Remove all fears and doubts. God wants you to have big faith and belief; that is our confidence,” he noted.