Sharing personal experiences with the worshippers at the November 28 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore said that there is an activating power in the believer’s spoken words, and they would certainly reap the benefits of their declarations, especially when they understand the origin, authority and the application of such words. According to him, the surviving tactic of this present time is understanding the power of the spoken word. “The formlessness and void in your life will remain unless you speak fullness to it,” he noted.

Speaking from Ezekiel 37:1-4, Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-5 and Job 22:28, Pastor Kujore noted that the value of the word believers know is vital and determines their outcome, noting that the ability to settle one’s future is tied to the ability to speak positively into the future. “The ability to use the power in your tongue is vital. In impossible situations, what you speak is what will deliver you,” he said.

Likening believers’ words to a blood bank, Pastor Kujore stated that every word spoken at a particular time in their lives is kept in the ‘Word Bank’ and would defend them in the future whenever the enemy strikes, just as blood is stored in the blood bank for a future purpose. “The authority in the Word becomes manifest when you understand that the words you speak create and give life. So, watch what words you are speaking,” he admonished.

Pastor Kujore then encouraged them never to give up on their situations or challenges, no matter how fierce it seems, but to continually speak the Word. “When you stand on His Word, you challenge His integrity,” he stated.