Pastor Biodun, while sharing Psalm 40:1-3 with the worshippers at the January 30 Thursday showers said that the theme for this year which is ‘A New Song’, is the master key for getting answers this year.

He also noted that new songs are visible and they testify of God’s greatness in the lives of His children.

Also sharing from Psalm 126, Luke 1:46, Acts 3:8, and Luke 1:34- 37, he said that the Holy Spirit always gets the job done and that one should never leave the presence of God when the doors are open.

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He further noted that when believers have total trust in God, it affects their confessions, thereby changing the narratives of their lives.

The clergyman, therefore, encouraged believers to never let go of the word irrespective of their situations, whether in their waiting period or when their prayers are answered.

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