Pastor Nomthi while encouraging the congregation at the February 2 Sunday service from Isaiah 62:8-9 which was the Promise for the Week, said that God will always bring to pass His promise over His children.

She noted that they should not also forget to come back to His house to praise Him.

“There is a blessing with your name on it and it will come to you in the name of Jesus,” she said. “When God blesses you make sure you come back to His house to praise Him.”

Narrating her past experience, she said that God has kept His blessings for His children but they should not be lazy in service to Him and humanity as laziness doesn’t attract any blessing from God.

“A labourer is worthy of his wages. You cannot serve in the presence of God and be hungry,” she noted.

She thus urged them not to be weary in serving God while waiting on Him but to be thankful to Him in anticipation that their joy would soon be full.

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In her words, “Don’t be afraid that you haven’t received what you want from God; keep serving. The waiters usually eat more than the guest because they will have food in abundance kept for them to enjoy and eat after they have served.”