Pastor Taiwo during April 2, 2020, live cast of Thursday Showers has urged believers to be mindful of their utterances and confession especially at this time of global awakening.

According to him, fear numbs one’s effectiveness and paralyses the ability to fight back.

“It’s true we have a situation but watch what are you saying because what you say is important,” he said.

Speaking from Mark 4:36-41, Pastor Taiwo said that no one is ever adequately prepared for natural disasters or challenges, but that if Christians should carry Jesus along at such periods, just as His disciples took Him along in their journey, victory would always be sure.

“Don’t ever assume that you will die in the challenges; have faith that you will best it and come out victorious,” he warned.

He also pointed out from Mark 11:21-24 that the believers’ declaration or confession will determine whether they have faith or not, noting that faith speaks just as fear speaks.

In his words, “You manifest your faith by what you speak. Make up your mind that you will not die but live and declare the glory of God. Barricade your home with faith.”

He, therefore, urged them, from Psalm 91, to always declare the works of Christ in the situation, stating that it is not enough to believe, but that one needs to speak out.

“Talk to those situations. Speak to coronavirus to stay away from your home. You stay safe and keep on declaring the word of God,” he urged.

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In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the April 5 live cast of the Sunday service and speaking from Mark 4:36-41 and Proverbs 18:21,  said believers would always be engaged in battles of words.

According to him, whatever they say in such situations would determine what is in their hearts.

“You only speak from your convictions. Your words predict your convictions and provoke your actions. So stop speaking fear,” the clergyman noted.

Pastor Taiwo said if a believer’s words are always negative and full of fear, such a believer does not believe totally in God no matter how such claims to believe in God.

Fear, he said, can even kill people before death comes, noting that when one is in the grip of fear, faith is zero but when one operates in faith, fear is totally reduced.

“Start speaking life instead of what is going on in the world,” he explained.

He then urged everyone not to entertain fear especially in this period of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, “It is not enough to know and believe the word of God for your life, you need to speak it.  Let fear find its way out of your system. Always speak God’s words over your situation. When you nurse fear, you chase faith away.”

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