It was joy unlimited at the September 24 Thursday showers as participants gathered physically
at the main auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church for the first time after six months of
lockdown and ban on all social and religious gatherings due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Pastor Taiwo while encouraging the onsite participants from the account of the woman with the issue of blood as recorded in Mark 5, said that Christians should never condemn themselves to other people’s opinions irrespective of their circumstances but to be driven by hope.

This, he said, brings about the miraculous which culminates into praise and dancing. Pastor, who intermittently injected the service with songs of praise, further cited Lamentations 3:22-23 and Psalm 89:1 to say that God’s mercy, which reflects His attribute, will keep and speak for His covenant children when they don’t allow discouragement put them in despondency.

“Don’t ever forget the mercy of God. The reason you are here today, hale and hearty is because of God’s mercy. The mercies of God kept you,” he said.

He then admonished them never to give up but believe and see the glory of God.

“Don’t give up on God. The devil will always come to threaten you and want you to see, believe, and say something else but you need to make up your mind to focus on God and sing His praise because
of His faithfulness. He is faithful,” he urged