Pastor Tosin Sowemimo has reminded believers of the nature of their relationship with God, describing it as blood bought.

This reminder came in her message during the first service at The Fountain of Life Church headquarters on Sunday, August 7, 2022.

She took her main text from Hebrews 6:13, explaining to the congregation that their relationship with God was secured by the blood of Jesus. She said this makes it different from any other form of relationship.

“It is not an ordinary covenant paid by something that cannot suffice,” she said.

Also, reading Psalm 89:34 and Deuteronomy 7:9, Pastor Sowemimo told the congregation that God is committed to fulfilling His promises. She said that the prayers of the righteous will always get to God.

While people change, she said God remains the same for all ages. “He is God. The faithful God cannot go back on what He said. Circumstances and situations cannot cause Him to change,” she added.

According to the clergywoman, the various names people identified God with were their experiences with Him. She reminded the worshippers that though Nigeria is facing challenges, they should be of good cheer because the country will overcome them.

“It is not only Nigeria. It is the entire world. Everyone is being affected, but our God remains God,” she posited.

Pastor Tosin continued, “Know therefore that the Lord our God is God. He is in full control of all that is happening. It is not taking Him by surprise. But I want to encourage us this morning to be assured that it can only be well with us. Why? Because we belong to a covenant that cannot be broken! We are safe in that covenant.”

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She, therefore, urged Christians to get back into the Word of God and stick to the promises therein.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Kunle Osunkunle read the Promise for the Week from Hebrews 10:23 and told the worshippers to hold fast to God’s word. He assured that God will always fulfil His promises irrespective of the situation.

Pastor Kunle Osunkunle said: “What is that thing that you believe God for? God says, “Hold fast; don’t waiver; focus on Me.”