Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu says acquiring a heart of wisdom is not a one-off activity but a journey that runs through the Christians’ lives.

He made the remark during his message at the August 21st Sunday’s first service of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

Taking his text from Psalm 90: 1-6 and 10-12, Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu noted that the heart of wisdom speaks about motives, thoughts, wisdom, and Godly knowledge. He said these make one think more like God.

According to the cleric, life might be challenging, and even Christians were not promised problem-free times, but with a heart of wisdom, these difficulties will be better managed.

Referencing the lives of Moses as recorded in Numbers 20 and that of David as captured in 1 Samuel 24, Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu painted a picture of how believers should respond when faced with challenges.

“Christians constantly face internal and external pressures just like God’s servants in the past, but their reactions are what show how a heart of wisdom is applied.

“Due to the pressure from the children of Israel, Moses disobeyed God’s instructions and consequently was denied entry into the Promised Land; the very purpose for which he led the children of Israel out of Egypt. David, on the other hand, had an opportunity to take revenge on King Saul but didn’t give in to the pressure of life and counsel by his men to kill Saul, but decided to apply a heart of wisdom in dealing with the situation by sparing the life of Saul,” he said.

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He continued, “A heart of wisdom is needed to avert a potentially bad situation”.

The cleric also cited Paul and Barnabas’ experience in Acts 15:1-31. He said they applied their hearts to wisdom in averting a potentially bad situation by taking a conflict within the church to the elders in Jerusalem for resolution instead of taking matters into their hands, which could have backfired. He noted that these situations are common in families, organizations, and churches.

But “as Christians, we need to have a heart that acquires and keeps the wisdom of God to make the best out of the situation because sometimes these situations teach us patience and perseverance,” the preacher told the worshipers.

Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu reiterated the need for Christians to habitually read and meditate on God’s word. This, he said, will enable them to learn handy Godly counsel.

“Life is short, death is sure, and the issues of eternity are too weighty to be handled without applying our hearts to wisdom,” he added.