Continuing the teaching he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, while ministering at the October 9 Sunday service, emphasised the importance of prayer, especially corporate prayers.

According to him, believers cannot be too busy for prayer, adding that it is a vital aspect of life. Speaking from Acts 1:14, the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church emphasised the need for oneness in the body of Christ through prayers.

In his words: “There is division when the church does not pray in one accord. When we pray together, we are forcing, as it were, in a very loving manner, Oneness. When we are ignorant about corporate prayers, we are boxed up by what the world says, not what the Bible says.”

Pastor Taiwo warned the church to beware of looking down on prayers raised in the church, as this breeds division.

The clergyman went on to admonish the church to never stop praying at any point in time. This, he emphasised with scriptures from Acts 2:42-44, noting that “we should not stop praying because we already have answers to our heart’s requests; instead, we should pray more and not faint.”

The cleric added that there is a place for corporate prayers, and no reason is good enough not to partake in them.

On the blessings attached to corporate prayers, Pastor Taiwo said, “Corporate prayers provoke the in-filling of the Holy Spirit for those who participate in them; corporate prayers bring about a significant increase in the body of Christ.

“Engaging in corporate prayers boosts your confidence, as iron sharpens iron. Great things happen when we have a continuous attitude of praying together.

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“Corporate prayers also sharpen our countenances, thereby eliminating any form of depression.”

The Senior Pastor thereafter led the church in a prayer of thanksgiving, adding that the best way to petition God is in the midst of thanksgiving. He also led the church in praying in the Holy Ghost, stating that “when we pray in other tongues, we are in the spirit, and we speak mysteries to God.”

In closing, Pastor Taiwo stated that “when we pray, we declare the promises of God for our lives. This shows our agreement with God and His promises for our lives.”

He also urged the church to meditate daily on Ephesians 3:14–19 (TPT) and claim the blessings embedded in it.