Pastor Yemisi Akindolie has called on Christians to stick to God’s word irrespective of the circumstance, as that is the only recipe to success.

The preacher’s admonition came during her ministration at the June 1 Thursday Showers, where she told the worshippers that some life challenges may seem impossible, but holding onto God’s word brings solutions.

Using the account of Zechariah and Elizabeth recorded in Luke 1 as an illustration, Pastor Yemisi said believers should learn to believe God’s word and promises over their lives irrespective of the circumstances or what people might be saying.

The cleric recalled that Zechariah and Elizabeth were told they were too old to bear a child. Even Zechariah did not believe when an angel visited, telling him that they would have a child, but Elizabeth trusted the word spoken over her situation, and thus there was a performance of it.

“Irrespective of the situation, sticking to God’s words over any situation is the recipe for success,” she said.

Pastor Yemisi told the congregation to return to God’s words over their lives whenever there are difficulties.

“Even though the situation may look impossible, respond in line with God’s word. Doing so will help to build your faith and strengthen you,” she stated.

She urged the worshippers not to give in to fear about developments around them as such breeds unbelief.

Pastor Yemisi said: “Christians must stick to the word and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them via it.”