“The journey of faith is an adventure with the holy ghost, and the lord is always with us on that journey”.

The above was the declaration of Pastor Kunle Areogun of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, during the first service on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

Taking his message from 2 Chronicles 14, 1 Samuel 13 and 1 Samuel 14, the preacher stated that there is no limit or restraint to what God can do as God is not limited by time, geographical location or the enormity of the challenges that humans face, added that God picks believers along the way and moves them to where he wants them to be.

Pastor Areogun emphasized that God is not limited by challenges and cannot be intimidated by crying or complaints, nor can He be manipulated by emotions.

He indicated the greatness of God by stating God’s ability to measure all the waters on the face of the earth in the hollow of His hand and by His ability to weigh all the mountains on a scale despite how vast they are.

The clergyman further described God as One to whom the nations of the world are as the drop of a bucket, which is counted as a small dust.

Pastor Kunle Areogun equally stated that “In the battle of life, the devil will always test our faith, and so, as children of God, we cannot go into the battle of life with pseudo faith, but rather we must equip ourselves and build our faith by studying and meditating on the Word of God”.

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The pastor, who maintained that even with belief and meditation on the Word of God, the devil will also relentlessly test Christians, insisted that “God does unlimited things in the life of his people and gives specific instructions which we must be ready to obey”.

In closing his message, Pastor Kunle Areogun urged the congregation to always make provision for God to minister to them by spending time with God in prayers, meditating on His word, and developing a personal relationship with Him.

He also emphasized the need to make provisions for doing God’s work and ensure that correct relationships are built with others who will edify and add value to their lives.

The cleric encouraged the church by stating that God makes all things new and gives positive endings to all situations.

“God reaches out to whomever he desires to help and who has exercised faith in him, and he is a barrier breaker who goes before us as a consuming fire to clear the way”, he stated.