Pastor Jimmy Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has emphasized the depth of God’s love to humanity, adding that He is mindful of them to the detail, the reason He gave His only-begotten Son to die for them even when they were in sin.

The Senior Pastor of the Lagos-based church made the emphasis during his ministration at the January 11 Thursday Showers service.

Referring to Psalm 24:1, the clergyman noted that for God, who owns the earth and its fullness, and placed man on earth, is sufficient, that is why man cannot lack anything.

The preacher further stated that God does not need anything in the creation of heaven and earth, adding that he formed them from nothing.

Pastor Jimmy listed time, space, and matter as the interwoven components that define creation, stating that everything the Christian needs has been given to him already at creation.

In his words: “In the beginning, God created matter, and placed it in space. Everything created speaks of God. Before time was, God is, because He existed before the concept of time.

“He is not constrained by time, He can redeem time, He can bend time for you because He is outside of time. If you find yourself in a situation constrained by time, remember Him who created time.

“God spoke to the air and birds came to being, He spoke to the waters and fishes came to being, He spoke to the earth and animals and trees came to existence.

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“He created the ecosystem, placed man in it to have dominion over it, and placed man as an ambassador of heaven here on earth.”

Further referring to John 1:1 to hold that believers should not negotiate with darkness, but speak God’s word to it, the Senior Pastor argued that if God’s Word is spoken to any dark situation, the Holy Spirit will go into action and produce results.

He said, “Speak what God has said concerning the situation and the Holy Spirit will activate it to performance. The first thing God speaks into being is light. Therefore, you cannot have the light and life of God in you and be in darkness.”

Pastor Jimmy, therefore, encouraged the worshippers to not just read the Bible like a history book, but with an understanding of the power it has.

“The Bible contains the power of God, and that power is still at work even in this generation,” the man of God added.