Faith works together with an expectation, and when an expectation is combined with faith, it would result in making one a sign that would cause people to wonder.

The above was the declaration made by Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) while ministering at the January 21 2024 Sunday service.

Referring to Acts 3:1-8, Pastor Jimmy, who took his time to explain the difference between begging and expectation, argued that begging is asking for help or charity while an expectation is anticipating or looking forward to the coming or occurrence of something.

According to the church’s helmsman, “We should not go to God begging for signs and wonders, rather we should go to God expecting signs and wonders because Jesus already told us that greater works shall we do.”

For the cleric, “The four major pillars of expectation include; a posture of faith, confidence in God’s character, aligning with God’s desires, ways as well as seeking His purpose, and gratitude in anticipation.

“This is not a capacity issue, it is a mindset issue. Once your mindset and mentality change, you become a sign and wonder. Slaves beg while sons expect. Remember, you are not a slave, but a child of God; a son in the Kingdom.”

Pastor Jimmy encouraged the congregation from Mark 16:17-18, Romans 8:19, Psalm 24:1, Genesis 1:1-12 and John 1:3 to know that they are co-creators with God since they have the Holy Spirit in them.

“This same Holy Spirit that made everything hearken to the voice of its Creator has now been put inside you, and your body has become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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“So, the Creator’s spirit is now inside you. Therefore, when you open your mouth and speak to anything created, it must hearken and respond.