In continuation of the series, he titled, “What is Love”, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has told the congregation that man should know that God is his Source and nothing else.

Speaking from Genesis 2:4-8 and using the analogy of a charger plugged into an electric socket, the Senior Pastor, during the February 11 Sunday service, explained that a source is where strength is drawn from.

He added that there is an absolute need for constant connection to God, the Source, to remain in the positions of supply and fulfilment.

In buttressing this, the preacher, who read from 1 Corinthians 8:6, insisted that when a man realizes that God is his Source, there will be no possibility of him making his woman his source.

The minister of God distinguished between a helper and a source, even as he revealed that God breathed into the man and there should not be a reversal of the roles, particularly for men who are comfortable doing nothing and yet demand the salaries of their wives for the family upkeep. 

He warned that such behaviour or mindset is flawed and at variance with God’s word and expectations.

In his words: “Anything that is used outside what it is created for, is abuse. So, any attempt to turn one’s helper into a source is an abuse.

“It is critical to stay connected because it is God that establishes a man, and puts him in the right location with an assignment or work ordained for him to engage in.

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“Staying connected to the Source ensures the fulfilment of destiny and purpose.”

Linking the message to relationships between a man and a woman, Pastor Jimmy noted that men feel useful and fulfilled when they work, adding that a man dies when he feels not needed.

He then urged women to desist from putting their husbands in the tough position of choosing between them and work.

“Deploying emotional blackmail to force the man to make the desired choice will eventually lead to resentment in the long term,” he stated.

The man of God also told the women to understand their role as helpers to their husbands, admonishing them to be of succour, assistance, and encouragement to their men.

“It will be unprofitable and unscriptural to stress, buffet, and plague your man with tension in creating an atmosphere that lacks peace,” he noted.

Pastor Jimmy shifted his focus to the singles, warning of the dangers of marrying potentials instead of kinetic.

According to him, a purposeful man can be easily known by what he does consistently, as dreaming big is free, but the hustle to achieve such is sold separately.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Tolu Odukoya shared the promise of the week, reading from 2 Thessalonians 3: 16.

According to her, God’s peace surpasses any form of peace that man may have which ranges from assurance of salary, connections to people, and having a purview of an impending examination.

The Associate Senior Pastor, therefore, led the congregation to pray for a tangible experience of the peace of God, declaring that the month would not be like the ones gone by. She welcomed the Holy Spirit into the service.