Pastor Bisoye Okwoli, who ministered during the February 1 Thursday Showers service, stated that a believer who is too obsessed with his or her lack is poor and would always chase signs and wonders instead of becoming the sign that would make the world wonder.

She further asserted that signs and wonders are supposed to follow the believer and not the other way around.

According to the preacher, “You chase things that are supposed to chase you, and this is spiritual confusion because the instruction of God is for both signs and wonders to chase you.

“If your bank account is a determinant of your wealth, you are a poor person.

“Do you know why we keep chasing them? Because we do not know who we are and what we have. It is those that know who they are, that can do exploits. When you know who you are, it is easier for all these things to be added to you.”

The clergywoman quoted Acts 3:1-6, Luke 15, and Genesis 1 to illustrate that the physical realm is not the ultimate reality and that God has the power to transform any situation, no matter how complex it is.

She further noted that some blessings are prolonged because believers have not developed enough stamina to handle such blessings.

The pastor, therefore, urged the congregation to trust God and stop leaning on their understanding because it would fail them.

Pastor Bisoye Okwoli said, “God is more interested in whom you become than in what you get. The purpose of signs and wonders is for you to be a conduit and not a container.”

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