Pastor Jimmy Odukoya has urged Fountaineers to embrace the promise of newness that God
has declared in May. He gave the charge at the Showers Service on Thursday, May
2, 2024, where he expounded on Revelation 21:5-6 as the anchor scripture for the Month.

According to the Senior Pastor, God always backs His word with immediate effect.

He said, “God says it is done! The time between when He made the declaration and when it was done was instantaneous. He said it; and, going by the pattern of God, when He says a thing, it
happens immediately. Just because you don’t see it does not mean that it is not done.”

Speaking on the importance of a mindset shift in order to achieve the newness, Pastor Jimmy
said that believers would experience and enjoy it if they align with God’s word to them and stay
glue to Him through faith.

“A lot of times, we get charged up in church, but we soon begin to look at the realities of Nigeria. Whose report will you believe? When you begin to align with what God has said, you will begin to see what He has said,” he said.

He emphasised the willingness to let go of old experiences in order to receive God’s newness;
adding that the old will have to be dropped for the new to be appreciated as both cannot

“New is beautiful. But for something to begin, something must die. To go to a new place, you must leave where you are. You cannot have a beginning without an end. It is the cycle of life. You can’t go into the Promised Land with an Egypt mentality. For you to become new, you must shed old mindset,” Pastor Jimmy said.

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He therefore urged his listeners to be mindful of their internal self-conversation and the
association they keep.

“When you are believing God for the manifestation of what He has promised, it is important who you surround yourself with, because not everybody has the capacity to see with spiritual eyes,” he said.