In continuation of his message on the Birthing Process, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya stated that the delivery process comprises three components, namely the promise, the process, and the collaborator.

He said that the delivery process is heralded by a lot of pain and pressure, usually in the form of temptation, adding that God’s grace outweighs the pain and pressure.

“Birthing of the promise is usually preceded by intense pain. Pain qualifies you for the promise. But God’s grace will outweigh the pain,” he said.

According to the Senior Pastor, temptation does not come from God but from the devil as a way of circumventing or derailing the promise of God to believers. He further cited the examples of Joseph and David, who had been anointed for greatness and faced temptation from external sources that were seeking to truncate their destiny to say that temptation is either internal, which arises from the devil taking advantage of the flaws or struggles in the heart of a Christian or external, which arises from circumstances extraneous to the Christian.

The clergyman also emphasised to his listeners the importance of surrounding themselves with
people deeply rooted in Christ who can offer support through prayers and godly counsel during
the delivery process. According to him, having the right midwife to nurture the promise once it
is delivered is important.

“Be careful of who you have around you in the delivery stage. Being part of your history does not mean that they are part of your promise. You need people who have passed through their birthing process,” he said.

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He therefore encouraged the congregation to not quit or give up during the delivery stage but rather to persevere in prayer through the pain till the process is complete.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Tolu Odukoya encouraged the congregation from Deuteronomy
8:18 which is the promise of the week.

Pastor Tolu Odukoya enjoined the congregation not to forget God when they begin to prosper and receive answers to prayers.

“When you start to excel, don’t forget God as what you see is a fraction of what God can do for you,” the preacher said.

She also emphasised the importance of being intentional about thanking God for the blessings
he has bestowed as doing this also serves as a reminder of how far God has brought us.