Dwelling on the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman as recorded in John 4:1-
30, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, during his message at the May 9 Thursday showers, said that God is
all-knowing and can use anyone to achieve His purpose despite their circumstances or reality.

He added that believers should never define how or who God should use to bring newness into
their lives.

“You have no idea of, and you don’t get to define, what the newness of God would look like. Sometimes, God would put your connections with an unbeliever. Your newness could be from
the person you despise,” he said.

The cleric also noted that believers’ participation is critical to experiencing newness as divine blessings could be missed if they refuse to participate, just as the Samaritan woman could have
lost her chance to get the newness from Christ if she had ignored Him when He asked her for

He said, “A lot of times, God’s newness is predicated on your participation. He cannot do
anything in your life if you don’t participate. There is newness available, but it takes your participation.”

He continued, “There are many stories of newness in the Bible, and it is evident that it took
their participation to take the newness to happen in their lives. God’s demand of them to move
in the newness of the things He wants to achieve through them requires their and not their

Sharing his personal experience of how his car gauge was showing empty even though the tank
was filled with fuel, the Senior Pastor said that God’s Word to a believer hold true irrespective
of their current situation; adding that they only need to lean on the understanding of that word
and keep moving.

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Pastor Jimmy said, “You might be reading the gauge of your life and it’s reading empty, but the
entrance of His word brings life, and He has decreed that you are in the new beginning. So, it
does not matter if the gauge of your life is showing empty, your life is full because the one that
has said it cannot lie and once you begin to walk with the knowledge and understanding of Wis
word, you will walk differently.”

He added, “His word has already credited your account, so it is done. His words are incorruptible, they are faithful. Once you get the knowledge, that it is your new beginning, everything is fine because God has said, ‘it is done.’”

He therefore encouraged his listeners to focus on God the provider and not the provision as well as not think less of themselves when God is placing a demand on what they have that they feel is inadequate.

“Release all in your hands so you can receive the newness God has promised you in this month of New Beginning. Cast all your worries, failures, shame, and burdens and release them to God. When you can put them down, then you are ready. When your deliverance is more important than your dignity, then you are ready for the newness,” he urged.