It was a special Sunday service for members and friends of The Fountain of Life Church on May 12. It was the international Mother’s Day celebrations.

From the beginning of the service to the end, it was a celebration galore as every session of the service was used to celebrate mothers, especially the female pastors and the assistant senior pastor, Pastor Toluwani Odukoya.

In her message for the day, Pastor Toluwani Odukoya told the women in service, both physically
and online, that they are of great value, strong, and priceless. Speaking from Genesis 2:18-23, the associate senior pastor noted women are referred to as the crown of creation because she was the last creation of God, adding that the woman was made from the man’s rib to show the resilience of a woman.

“We bend, but we don’t break. you can bend a woman and she will bend if she loves you. She will bend but won’t break,” she said.

Still speaking about the attributes of the rib in connection to the makeup of women, Pastor Tolu said that just as the ribs protect the vital organs of the body like the heart and the lungs, as well as regenerate, women are protective of whatever is vital to them and are strong-willed; adding that they can bounce back from whatever situation they find themselves.

She said, “The woman is strong-willed, there is nothing you put a woman through that she
won’t come out of it. If she’s determined, she will come out of it. She has that power to protect
what she thinks is vital to her.”

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Speaking to the nature of a woman as a balanced, suitable, and complementary counterpart to her husband as recorded in Genesis 2:18, Pastor Toluwani said that a woman will balance, enhance, and emphasize whatever has been given to her by the men around her. This is why men must put in the work in their wives to receive the fruit God has placed in her.

According to her, men who don’t tend, nurture, or take care of their wives will not enjoy or reap the fruit of the woman.

She said, “Man, what are you doing today with the woman God has given you? If you are not enjoying the fruit of her, it means you are not doing it well enough, because within her, God has put in so much, for your life and your destiny.”

God’s intention for making a woman a helpmeet for her man, according to Pastor Toluwani, is
to be the help, which was termed as “azer” in the Hebrew word, for her own.

“A woman is an azer – a helper, a warrior, an encourager, a supporter, and a lover,” she said.

She therefore encouraged the woman from Psalm 20:1-2, Exodus 18:4, and Job 29:12, to know who
they are and take their place.

“Woman, you are needed, necessary, and important,” she urged.