I got married last year and I had been praying concerning my husband’s job, career and business because they had not been going the way I wanted them to. I wanted to be his helpmeet while he remained the breadwinner of the family but his job was not helping and it was a source of concern; hence my prayer for divine intervention on his job.

Four Thursdays ago, my husband and I attended Showers and Pastor’s message was about the scripture which says “he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”. He advised that we should not allow the devil get to us. After the service, I picked a promise from 1Thessalonians 5:24 which says that “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.”

I left church excitedly that day although my husband was not really moved. We had a little argument in the car consequent upon which I later got hurt by the time we got home but in the evening, I asked God to forgive me for the way I acted and reacted to him because I really desired to be a submissive wife. So I asked God to forgive me and help me settle the whole situation.  As I felt in my spirit that the devil was seated at a corner smiling at me, I just got up and started praising God in assurance that God has answered my prayers and has defeated the devil over my marriage.

Later that evening, I received a WhatsApp message from a very distant friend of my brother who works in a big company and asked my husband to send his CV. I told my husband that he was asked to send his CV, which he did. He was invited for a test the week after and was invited for an interview a week later. By now, we had stopped having arguments and issues and I was just wondering how that happened. It could only have been God!

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On the day he went for the interview, he was nervous because there were lots of people for the same interview but I kept telling him that they would pick him because God had already picked him that he should just go with the confidence of God; and before he drove back home, he received a call and they asked him if he could start on Monday. When he called me to inform me, I couldn’t event thank God, I was just shaking; wondering that is this how fast it works? I mean this stagnancy has been for four to five years now, even before we got married, so I kept asking myself if it was real. Then 1Thessalonians 5:24 just came back to me.

On Monday, he went there thinking they were just going to start job, but they said no, that they had taken another person who was more qualified but that he should not worry as he should follow them to a client’s office. When he got there he just sat there and was speaking in tongues. Then he called me and I said to him not to worry but should act confidently.

In the afternoon, he just called me and said that the client’s place is Shell Company and that he was going to start working for Shell. I became weak immediately because I wasn’t praying for Shell, I was only praying for a job, I wasn’t praying for that kind of a big job. But God is just awesome, He blew my mind. I realised that these things happen closest to morning; when you feel lost in the dark, when you are tired of believing and just want to throw in the towel and He just shows up for you. I want to give Him the praise. Praise the Lord!

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