pastor nomthi odukoa

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, while exhorting the congregation at the December 6 Sunday service from Isaiah 43:2, which is the promise for the week, said that believers should not only read God’s words but to also apply it into their lives even as they believe in God.

Stating that God will move on their behalf, the clergy described water as a phenomenon that is needed by all on a daily basis. In her words, “When situations tend to get out of control in the lives of people, they get afraid but that’s when God intervenes and turns the situation around. God will not allow you to swim where there are sharks. God knows where He wants you to be and He will protect you.”

She suggested that the Holy Spirit has a whistle such that it alerts the worshippers where not to be because danger lies ahead.  She then assured them that they are safe so long they allow God to walk with them.

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