Pastor Nomthi at the May 23 Thursday showers said that God is a mighty Man in battle who doesn’t need multitudes to win a battle. Using the account of the battle between the 1.3 million Ethiopian soldiers and the 580,000 soldiers of king Asa recorded in 2 Chronicles 14:8-14 as an illustration, she said that victory is always sure for God’s children in whatever battle the enemy engages them in just as the Ethiopian soldiers were defeated before the soldiers of King Asa.

She further said that God can rearrange numbers to work in the favour of His own no matter how small they are. But believers, she said, must learn to ask God for help. In her words, “Asa couldn’t have gotten help if he hadn’t gone to God to ask Him. So you need to know what God can do for you and ask Him. Trust Him in all situations no matter how tired you are. He will deliver you and the people around you shall bless and fear Him.”

Pastor Nomthi, therefore, urged believers to keep their trust in God no matter their challenges because He is not limited by space, numbers or anything. If you are faced with situations that outnumbers you, just know that God is more than the problems and challenges. He created everything and can rearrange numbers for your favour. He can’t be outnumbered,” she said.