Sunday, June 23 was a special day at The Fountain of Life Church as fathers were celebrated. In his message, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said that a father is an initiator, a creator, a leader, and a nurturer. He stated that these are the responsibilities given to man by God and they come with great rewards. “Without nurturing and impacting, there is no fathering. If you want to prosper in life, then understand your responsibility and fulfill it,” he said.

Speaking from Luke 15:17-24 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Pastor Taiwo noted that love is the vital tool given to men to achieve their assignment. This, according to him, would attract strong battles from the devil but victory is always theirs when they know their God and rely on Him for strength. “All you need to do to win is to rely on the Holy Spirit to help you communicate and demonstrate this love regularly to your wife and children,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo, therefore, implored fathers never to abandon their responsibilities towards their children because the outcomes of abandoning them are grievous. In his words, “The child you don’t build will destroy every other thing you are building now. But if you keep at your assignment, the seeds you are sowing today in the lives of those you are fathering that may not seem obvious would be eternal.”

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