In continuation of his series on the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taiwo at the June 30 Family Sunday service said that partnership and participation with the Holy Ghost is the key to having a successful Christian life. This, he noted, must be consciously sought and constantly worked on. “Thirst for the Holy Ghost and constantly acknowledge Him in all you do,” he said.

Speaking from John 7:37-39, he stated that this fellowship with the Holy Spirit can be effected and sustained through constant fellowship with other believers, dwelling on the Word of God and praying. In his words, “You can’t keep coming and drinking and your life will not reflect Him. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to refrain from anger, lust, and to have good character. It takes power to do exploits.”

He enjoined them never to take for granted the presence of the Holy Spirit in and around them, advising them to constantly fellowship with Him. “It doesn’t cost you anything to tell the Holy Spirit what you are about to do. Partnership with the Holy Ghost keeps you in control,” he stated.

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