Sunday, July 7, 2019 was Home Fellowship Awareness Day at The Fountain of Life Church and we had an awesome time doing ‘intra-evangelism’. The number of people that do not belong to a home fellowship is quite surprising!

You see, it is possible to get or feel quite lost when you attend a ‘big’ church. You come for service(s) probably just once a week and/or on special services and that is it!

You do not belong any department or unit. You don’t know anyone and no one knows you beyond the ‘hello, hi’ level. It can be quite lonely even in the midst of such a crowd of people.

I grew up in a ‘family church where everyone knows everyone. You know whose child is who and you dare not misbehave because your parents will be informed. Even then, the home fellowship was still incorporated and we had such a strong bond!

The memories are fresh!

I have always believed that as believers, we are not alone. Scratch that. We are not permitted to be alone!

God is with us, for us and His Spirit is in us! However, because we are humans, we sometimes forget and feel God is so far away. Probably because we cannot see Him face to face.

This is where the Home Fellowship comes in. it was fashioned to be an extension of God’s loving arms in the seemingly dark, lonely days.

The Home Fellowship is Church inside of the church. Here, the Word is shared in a less formal atmosphere. You may ask questions, seek clarifications on grey areas, bond with your brother or sister, rub minds together in the Word and, hopefully, grow together!

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Your home fellowship members are your immediate spiritual family. While your Pastor may not stay or live close by, your Home Fellowship members are always around you and become a point of call when the need arises.

Sunday will soon be here, make an effort to be a part of a Home Fellowship in your local assembly. You’ll find a family like no other therein.

Another purpose of the home fellowship is to provide support, a shoulder to lean on, succour to members, among other things. For instance, the Home Fellowship I belong to have joyfully supported members in various endeavours –  financially, materially, spiritually and otherwise.

I have met some amazing people that I ordinarily wouldn’t have known in my local assembly.

I am a Proud Member of a Home Fellowship!

I love my Open Door Home fellowship family!

By Prisca Ben-Oseghale