Spiders webs are irritating and creepy. Most times they are used to connote something sinister, abandoned or even diabolic. Should you walk through one, you end up having webs sticking to your face, hair, eyes and on most parts of your body. The feeling is quite discomforting.

However, the main reason spiders spin webs are to catch their prey (food). When an unfortunate insect flies into a spider’s web, it gets stuck on the sticky threads. The spider then approaches the trapped insect and inject venom into it, killing it and then enjoys its meal. Good thing is, webs can be destroyed. Simply use a broom to scatter the ‘darn’ thing and make sure the entire perimeter stays clean always to avoid a repeat.

Lies are like a spider’s web; the devil is the spider & the web is his entrapment. You fly into his trap by living a life of lies. The more you live a life of deception and sin, the more you get yourself woven and entrapped in his web of destruction with no way of escape, thereby making yourself the devil’s meal.

Just as webs are easily cleaned out or destroyed, one can be freed from the devil’s web too. The Good News (being the Gospel Truth) is like a broom that is used to clean out and destroy these webs setting every captive free.

The purpose of the Word of God and its manifestation is to destroy every web of lies the enemy has spun to entrap you. “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.”.(1John 3:8)

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Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the Word of God (The Word was made flesh…). Receiving Him into your heart is accepting freedom from the devil’s bondage and destroying the web of lies he used in holding you down.

Jesus is the Truth. Knowing Him will set you free.

Inspired by John 8:32.

Iboro Tonye-Edet