While speaking on the importance of constant prayer and intercessions, Pastor Babatunde Ladipo at the July 25 Thursday Showers service said that one of the greatest needs of God is for His will to be done on earth; and He desires to achieve this through willing vessels. According to him, as much as it is not popular to have the burden to pray even among believers, God desires it from them.

Speaking from Matthew 6:9-13 and Ezekiel 22:29-30, he stated that greater things would happen in an environment where there are burden bearers who take the situations of that environment to God in prayer always. Relating it to the situations around the world and particularly in Nigeria, he noted that for things to change for the better in the country, there must be burden bearers who would always take the state of the nation to God.

Pastor Babatunde stated that having a burden for God’s will to be done on earth is not difficult, noting that once there is a nudge, there is a burden. He also added that once this burden is taken back to God in prayer, it makes God’s will, purpose and counsel to be done. “A burden is a spiritual concern in the heart of God, impacted by the Holy Ghost in someone whose intercession the Holy Ghost desires to use,” he said.

Pastor Babatunde, therefore, implored every believer to be an intercessor as this would bring about a positive change in their lives and even in the country.