Pastor Femi Megbope, at the second service of the August 25 Family Sunday, said that God’s ultimate desire is for the world to be attracted to the believers’ lives when they flourish thereby glorifying and giving their lives to Him. But the believers need to go through the process of moving from being planted to flourishing. This, he said, would be determined by God. “God knows the best place for you to flourish. So, allow Him to locate you and move you,” he said.

According to him, just as the growth of the Palm tree depends on the quality of seed, the planting location and the care provided, the growth of a believer that would attract people’s lives to God is dependent on abiding in God and His word. This, he said, is the natural habitat for the flourishing for God’s children.

Speaking from Psalm 92: 12 – 15, Pastor Femi noted that believers would be strong, fruitful, significant and successful even in the face of disasters if they abide in God’s presence just as the Palm tree and the Cedar tree are not affected by famine or natural disasters but remain strong and fruitful. “You would avoid some calamities if you trust and allow God to move you to the right place for you to flourish. It is therefore important for you to know when God is moving you so you can flourish,” he said.

Pastor Femi encouraged Christians to allow God care for them in the way only He can. he also told them to prepare to break any attachment that will keep them under limitations.