Following the story of the life of David from when he was anointed king to when he finally ascended the throne, Pastor Jimi Odukoya, at the August 29 Thursday Showers service, said that there is a process of testing, character pruning and development in the life of a believer before getting to the final destination. According to him, many believers change their attitudes once they have the anointing, forgetting or neglecting the processes between the cave and the throne. “Appointment is the equipping to function in the authority that has been given to you, but you have to reach maturity before you get there. So even though you’ve been anointed, you need to be patient until you’re appointed,” he said.

Speaking from 1 Samuel 22:1-2 and Psalm 142:1-7, Pastor J, as he is popularly called, said that humility, patience and a spirit of servanthood are needed to get to the throne. This, he said, would determine a believer’s character when he or she gets to the palace. He also said that the presence of troubles does not mean that God’s promise would not come to pass in the life of His child, noting that a believer should always understand that God’s presence is with him or her and be confident that his or her appointment would come irrespective of current challenges, just as David was sure and trusted God’s promises for him despite his challenges.

In his words, “Sometimes God uses trouble as tools or vehicles to propagate his glory. You can be anointed and your situation doesn’t change. You may feel like what belongs to you is in someone else’s hands. But your attitude must not change; you must be humble and still continue to serve till you get there. God uses troubles to take you to the appointment so that you’d know that he appointed you to serve people and not for yourself. Your kingship is not for a position but for service.”