In continuation of his message of gratitude, Pastor Taiwo at the December 5 Thursday Showers service said that being ungrateful is a worse sin than being revengeful. Citing 1 Thessalonians 5:15 and Psalms 103, he noted that believers need to always consciously appreciate and be grateful to God for and in all things, noting that once the spirit of ingratitude settles in one’s life, complaining is always present with the attendant loss of one’s blessings. “The moment you begin to be unappreciative of what you have, its abuse and loss are imminent,” he said.

The natural man, according to Pastor Taiwo, is ungrateful because he usually feels entitled. This, he said, makes him take things for granted and causes him to complain more than he gives thanks. In his words, “Believers can never be weaklings once they constantly appreciate God’s goodness and give Him thanks.”

Pastor Taiwo then urged all from Romans 1:2 never to grumble but to always show gratitude to God. “A grateful heart will have a continuous feast. When you complain and grumble, you miss a lot of blessings. So, always be appreciative of who God is and what He does,” he enjoined.

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