Pastor Taiwo has reminded Christians to be conscious of and understand the workings of the Holy Spirit who dwells in them. 

He gave the reminder during his message on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 where he explained that the reason a number of believers don’t experience God’s power in them is because of their lack of adequate understanding of who they are in Christ.

According to him, the Spirit of God dwells in every believer and has made the victorious life available for them but they can enjoy that lifestyle to the extent of their understanding of their identity in Him and the power made available to them.

Speaking from Romans 8:9-11, he said that anyone who professes Christ and calls himself or herself a Christian but yet behaves as they have never been to the Church before is simply ruled by things other than the Spirit of God and the power of God in them is being neglected.

“Whatever God does is through His Spirit who lives in you,” he said. “What makes a Christian is the Spirit that lives inside of him or her.

“There is a mark that every shepherd put on his flock of sheep. Similarly, the Holy Spirit is the sign that God our Great Shepherd has put on us to show that we belong to Him.”

He then implored them to always meditate on God’s word so as to get the adequate revelation and understanding of their identity in Christ.  This, he noted, will help them live that victorious life available for them.

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“You will run into trouble in life if you neglect or forget that the Holy Spirit lives inside of you,” he warned.

He, therefore, urged believers to begin to “release the power of the Holy Spirit inside you by faith.”

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