The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has urged Christians not to be weighed down by life’s challenges. They should, instead, draw up encouragement from their reservoir of strength.

The clergyman gave this admonition in his message during the October 27, 2022, Thursday Showers.

He took his main text from 1 Samuel 30:6 to say that challenges are inevitable, adding that Christians do not need to get overwhelmed by them but to be of good cheer.

“When talking about strengthening yourself, that is what God expects from you when you are in trouble because He has given you the capacity because He knows that there will be trouble,” he maintained.

Pastor Taiwo used the story of David’s many trials and King Saul’s threats to his life as an example of how David relied on God to win. He said that every believer should have the mindset that they can trust God and depend on Him for deliverance and victory over life’s challenges.

“Just understand that there is always an option — the Lord. When it makes no sense at all, stick with the Lord,” he added.

The cleric further noted that Christians must be bold even while facing tribulations, stressing that God is always with them.

“When life is making no sense, the believer should focus on God,” he maintained.

Similarly, he told the worshippers to avoid comparison, describing it as unhealthy. As far as the cleric is concerned, Christians should not become envious of others, especially when they have yet to get their breakthrough, just like David was in the wilderness tending to flocks and was regarded as a failure.

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He said, “God always has plans for everyone. The problem is, when you don’t wait on God and focus on your future, you will be busy envying others and getting distracted.”

The Senior Pastor, therefore, told the worshippers to ask for God’s grace to combat life’s challenges as he led the congregation in prayers of intercession for Nigeria, the Church of Christ, and The Fountain of Life Church, among others.

As is the custom of Thursday Showers, the service was filled with powerful praise and worship led by the Grace Levites. Worshippers also testified of God’s faithfulness, including preserving marriage and deliverance from accidents.