Pastor Taiwo has said fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit will always strengthen believers in times of stress and troubles.

He gave this assurance on Thursday at the Anointing Service for February 2020 which is in line with the theme of the month Total Recovery.

Citing David and his men, recorded in 1 Sam 30:1-19, he said when believers do not abandon the presence of God, they are strengthened to overcome their challenges just as David’s weakness was renewed to pursue his enemies when he encouraged himself and sought the Lord.

Also speaking from Psalms 25:1-3 and 40:1-3, he said it us the nature and right of covenant children to pursue and take back their stolen possessions from the enemies, noting that when believers turn to God in times of troubles and not wallow in self-pity or look unto men for help, they would have victory just as David had when he recovered all that was stolen from him and even much more. 

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Furthermore, he said, from Ephesians 3 and 1 John 3 and Revelation 5:11-1, that the sevenfold redemptive rights belong to believers but their knowledge and understanding of this would make them make it effective in their lives.

“The day you gave your life to Christ, you were given a measure of faith,” he said. “When you know who you are as a covenant child of God and your redemptive right as well as what this power is and how to sustain it, you will have success and victory. No man or devil can withstand or overcome you.”

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He, therefore, implored the congregation to never get discouraged from asking God until their joy is full, noting that faith is active.

“Keep asking until your joy is full,” the clergyman charged them. “It is recovery time.”