Christians should not be mechanical in their service to God in the church, according to Pastor Nomthi.

She said this at the Thursday Showers on the 6th of February, 2020, Pastor Nomthi where she said church activities shouldn’t be seen as one-way directed.

According to Pastor Nomthi, at each service, no one is expected to go home empty-handed but something should be gotten out of each service attended.

Taking her text from John 4:11, she shared the story of the woman Jesus met by the well. The woman painted a dark story to Christ, saying the well was so deep and He had nothing with Him to draw water from the well and making it impossible for Jesus to get water.

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She said the world will paint a picture of gloom and despair, but as believers don't be moved as we
carry the Holy Ghost within us.

Furthermore, she noted that the devil can not intimidate us because we carry the greater one on our
inside.Nothing  should hold the believer back in doing anything he wants to do in lif

This is as she added that in life, “we will always be tested in different ways, and most times may seek short cuts out, but the Spirit will restrain us.

“When a person trusts in God, He doesn’t fail and will surely come through,” she said.