Pastor Taiwo has further urged believers to cast their burdens on Christ because it alleviates unnecessary challenges from their lives. He said this at the April 30 Thursday Showers.

According to him, casting one’s burdens on the Lord gives them peace, joy, longevity and health, noting that it is God’s responsibility to take care of burdens cast on Him.

In his words, “Whatever we cast on Him ceases to disturb us. So if you’re still having worry, it means you’ve not cast your burdens on Him. It’s your duty to cast burdens and it is His duty to take care of them.”

Speaking from 1 Peter 5:7, Proverbs 12:25 and Luke 12:19-20, he said that human beings always find it difficult to cast their burdens on God because of their self-sufficiency, arrogance, and pride.

This, he noted, would yield to anxiety which would get them to drown in their problems, saying that “Anxiety is dangerous and it kills.”

He urged them to cast their care on Him because that’s the path to finding solutions to their challenges.

He said, “Nothing is too small nor too big to talk to Him about. No matter how hopeless the situation is, remember that God’s thought to you is to give you hope and future. God has a good ending for you, so believe He will take you there.”

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