Hello Honourable,
Hope you are enjoying God’s unflinching mercy. Our Sunday service was great and here is the summary
of Pastor Taiwo’s message for you to stay connected to God’s word for this season.

The Fountain of Life Church

TOPIC: Go Forward
God loves your progress, He loves that you keep going forward because He hates stagnation. God has everything sorted out before He would ask you to move forward and when you simply trust Him and take that leap of faith, you will see that no obstacle would be able to stop you (Exodus14:15).

God’s plan for His children will never fail but you need to have a relationship with Him, trust Him and move to be able to manifest His promises for your life. If God has given you any instruction, you better start moving forward in that line (Jeremiah 29:11, Hebrews 4:15, and Isaiah 66:9)

When God asks you to move forward, He will:
– Empower you
– Heal you
– Strengthen you
– Instruct you
– Lead you

He will always address and break every stagnation in the lives of His covenant children because He
always wants them to go forward (Deuteronomy 1:5-8).

You are a king on earth. You must get going against all odds and find a balance to move forward. You must stand still in spite of all the challenges before you; declaring freedom.

The lockdown has locked down the minds of some people but it is time to move forward. I set you free in Jesus’ name.

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If God is saying to you today to move forward, it doesn’t matter what you are going through, just take the leap of faith and go forward. You have a hope and a future. It’s a new beginning and a go-forward season.

Look at the situation and declare, ‘I am going forward in Jesus’ name. It's time to go forward, do not be locked down in your mind, observe all protocols and let God guide you.