God gives special abilities (spiritual gifts) so that we are better able to build up the church and we should never abuse these gifts we have been given. We should not exercise them to make ourselves feel superior to others (1 Corinthians 14: 1 – 25).

In the area of spiritual gifts, remember that love should be our greatest aim. It is the foundation, goal, and platform on which the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate and manifest.

Without love, the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit may not be right. Let love be your greatest aim, nevertheless, ask for the special abilities the Holy Spirit gives, and especially the gift of prophecy, being able to preach the message of God (1 Corinthians 12: 4).

If you don’t have love, your desire for the gifts of the Spirit is questionable (1 Corinthians 13:1-8).


– A church that suddenly stops making use of spiritual gifts will become ordinary religious organizations where things are just being done routinely.
– A richly gifted church that suddenly lacks love has opened herself up for manipulation, intimidation, and domination; because when love is out of the window, self-agenda would be promoted and prophecy would be used to manipulate, intimidate and dominate. Where the Spirit of God is, love flows.
– Spiritual gifts should be desired so as to profit the body of Christ and not to make us special spiritual.
– What practices can a local church use to ensure that spiritual gifts are used to build up people? Check how the gifts are being used, whether it is to promote self or the agenda of self. Your motive would determine why you desire spiritual gifts.
– Self must be put under and God promoted in the manifestation of the spiritual gifts.
– You also need to check the praise and accolades of men so as to avoid error

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As you desire the spiritual gifts, most especially the gift of prophecy, make sure it is to edify others (the body of Christ) and not to bring attention to yourself. Let love guide you and ensure that your spiritual gift is to benefit all and not to become popular.