Pastor Mary Fayemi has charged believers on the need to understand their identity in Christ.

She made the call while ministering at the second service of Sunday, February 27, 2022, just as she added that God’s treasures are in jars of clay.

The preacher took her reading from 2 Corinthians 4:5-10, 2 Kings 5:1-4 in the sermon captioned, “God’s Treasure in Jars of Clay”.

While referencing the little girl serving Neman’s wife, who was taken captive and made to work as a slave, she said such a condition does not set free or empower but puts one in chains. For Pastor Mary Fayemi, however, the little girl understood was conscious of her identity. This, she argued, should be the mindset of believers who themselves carry treasures in an earthen vessel.

But she gave a word of caution: “We should all realize that no matter how beautifully packaged we are, we are still clays. There is a need to always know we still have these treasures in our jars of clay,” she said.

In Daniel’s case, the cleric argued that he functioned and enabled the unbelievers around him to see the God that he carried.

In her reference taken from Daniel 11:32b; she added that Daniel knew his God, just like the three Hebrew children and Esther.

“As Christians, asides from our names, do we know who we are?” she queried.

According to her, when things go wrong, the believer should take strength from God who never abandons His own.

God is still with the Christian in any situation, meaning they should not give up, she added.

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“The only constant we have in life is God, and He will never leave you. It might be tough and rough, but you are coming out better on the other side,” Pastor Mary Fayemi reiterated.

She told the worshippers to comfort others even amid challenges and point God to the world. The clergywoman illustrated her point using fruits.

“Don’t be an Apple because it is beautiful; don’t be a carrot because it is nutritious but be a coconut whose whole part is of value including the leaves, she explained.

While the coconut might not look appealing, she said, it is one of the best fruits because of its content. This is as she also illustrated that even though a coal pot is dark, making pap with it does not change the colour of the content – it remains white.

“You as clay cannot taint the Holy Spirit, it is the excellence of the power of God that makes manifest. Though you might be clay, you still have the power of the Holy Spirit deposited in you.

“Christians, therefore, must cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit and remember all they were taught. “We should also train our children right from now so that when life happens just like the sale girl, they will also always know what they carry,” she reminded them as she referenced Romans 8:11, 15-18.