Pastor Blessing Awosika of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, has said that every believer has been assigned that which the Lord has purposed.

According to her, “We are pieces of the Master’s puzzle, and the fullness of the puzzle belongs to Him. Although we are each only a piece of who our Father is, the totality of His nature is fully manifested when all the pieces are brought together. “Therefore, our lives cannot be about us; or what we want or think.”

Speaking during the December 26 Sunday first service, the cleric noted that the desire of the righteous that is granted would be the one in submission to God’s will.

She further noted that nobody chooses trials or afflictions. However, once believers know that they are only a tool in the hands of God and that He knows and allows whatever phase of life they find themselves in, their minds would align appropriately to follow Him.

“There is a stage that is yours, but that stage does not belong to you. So what you need to find peace with is how to willingly with understanding surrender the stages of your life to Jehovah,” she noted.

The complication in God’s agenda, according to Pastor Blessing, is that He has the power to create robots or even make human beings dummies, but He chose to make them in His image, giving them self-will.

This allows man have a choice of picking either life or death.

According to Pastor Blessing, choosing life means choosing Jesus, which would result in choosing His ways, instructions, guidance, and advice whether it is convenient or not.

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She further noted that when believers allow God’s will to prevail in their lives, it is always in their best interests.

She said, “There is a way that seems right before men, but its end is destruction. So the best wisdom you can have is to understand that this stage of your life doesn’t belong to you but Him.”

She encouraged the congregation not to compete with God over their lives but to allow Him to take the glory over their lives.

In her words, “Human nature loves praise and to be celebrated. So when God has walked through your stage and has done amazing things, you need to allow Him to take the glory and not compete with Him or share in His glory.”