Pastor Taiwo Odukoya says believers ought to always be conscious of the Lord’s presence in their lives and in all circumstances.

This was his charge to worshippers at the August 28, 2022, Sunday service of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) headquarters in Lagos State.

According to him, anyone who desires to accomplish anything on earth must have conviction. He noted that someone without conviction is living a tossed life. Such a person, he said, would be swept by every style, value, and fashion that comes their way.

“Your conviction defines your character in life,” he said.

Citing Jacob’s encounter with God as captured in Genesis 28:16, the clergyman insisted that there are certain convictions expected from God’s children, one of which is knowing the Lord’s presence.

He suggested that believers should not get to a dead end before turning to God, as happened to Jacob, who had forgotten about who he was, despite his father’s blessings.

“People,” Pastor Taiwo said, “always wait until they get to the end of their doings before turning to God but thank God that He is a merciful God who will always reveal Himself to us with His covenant name.”

Pastor Taiwo reiterated that believers ought not to forget their identity in Christ, adding that they are covenant children of God.

“Wake up and know who you are,” the Senior Pastor, TFOLC, added. “You are a covenant child of God. Don’t ever forget this,” he stated.

—Don’t Forget Your Identity—

Referencing Romans 8:38, Pastor Taiwo maintained that God will never abandon His own to their fears if they can trust Him and abide in His presence.

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“One thing you should desire is that you may dwell in the house of the Lord because the whole of life is centred on God’s presence,” he told the congregation at Ilupeju.

The preacher also re-echoed the need for believers to invest time in understanding the covenant they have with God. This covenant, he noted, is a pact of intimacy.

He said: “As far as the covenant with God is concerned, it is a mixture with life because he that is born again is one with Christ in the spirit.

“You cannot afford to keep on forgetting who you are in Christ Jesus and that your life is lived together with God.

While reading from 2 Corinthians 10:5, Pastor Taiwo told Christians to be more present in worship, reading the Word of God and casting down imaginations that seek to exalt themselves above God’s Word. Doing these, according to him, are ways to be in God’s presence.

“The strength of a relationship is fellowship,” he posited.” So, fellowship with the Spirit of God daily and see how God will see you through until the end,” the clergyman concluded.