Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has re-echoed the need for prayers, maintaining that there is always a turnaround when believers pray.

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) said this while ministering at the November 6, 2022, Sunday service.

According to the clergyman, who spoke on the efficacy of prayer, God answers prayers even when it seems the answers are not physically evident.

“Though it may look like there is a delay from God on the matter, He will surely answer speedily,” he said.

Referencing Jesus’ parables of the wicked judge and the widow as recorded in Luke 18:1-8, he said that men should always pray and not faint.

“If the devilish and wicked judge can be wearied and worn out by the widow and do as she asked, how much more will our God do that we ask Him if we stay persistent in our request,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo continued, “You might question if He is alive to hear your prayers by the seeming delay, but the truth is, He has already answered.”

As the elect of God, Pastor Taiwo assured the congregation that their prayers were not offered up in vain, and that God would surely intervene. Referring to testimonies shared during the online prayer sessions during the week, he said there will always be a turnaround when the church prays.

The preacher further noted that the world is getting to a place that would hinder a Christian’s forward movement if such a Christian doesn’t pray.

“Christians need to pray more. The devil hates those who profess Christ, and he will do all he can to get them off their feet, but in the place of consistent prayers, the life of the believer is that of victory,” he maintained.

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Pastor Taiwo urged the worshippers not to allow the devil to find his tools in their lives, noting that such devices could hinder the power of God from manifesting.

He hinted, “If no man remains with you, do not be bothered as long as God is with you.”

The preacher then led the congregation in prayer sessions for the nation, the body of Christ, the church, and themselves, after which there was a Holy Communion service.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Atinuke admonished the congregation from Romans 8:14, the Promise of the Week. Shedding more light on the passage, she said that what makes one a child of God is being led by the Spirit of God, noting that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of wisdom, knowledge, counsel, might, power, and the fear of God.

She further stated that when being led by the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit will show up in the life of such a Christian.

“The Holy Spirit leads and directs the Christian after being born again. So, to live in triumph, you must be led by the Spirit,” she suggested.