The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has challenged Showerians to look away from life’s distractions and troubles and focus on Jesus Christ.

Referencing Hebrews 12:1-2, at the last Thursday Showers service in 2022, the cleric noted that Jesus Christ is the one who guarantees that every believer whose focus is on Him (Christ) would finish the Christian race well.

He says, “He (Jesus Christ) guarantees that you will finish well because He is the author and finisher of your faith.”

The clergyman, who further went on to explain what the word ‘look’ means in the quoted scripture, argued that the Bible admonishes that believers should look away from the things that make them distracted from the Christian race, to turn their attention away from them and put their attention and focus on Christ.

Pastor Taiwo gave an example using the life of Abram as recorded in Genesis 13:14, where the Bible records that Abram had just lost the best part of an inheritance to his nephew, Lot, just to avoid any more family feuds.

“While thinking all was lost, God commanded him to look up! This was the beginning of Abram’s restoration, Pastor Taiwo said.

The TFOLC helmsman urged the congregation to look away from the problems, the hazard, the fear, and the worries surrounding them and to look to Jesus!

“You look away to look up. This means that you stop worrying and start trusting; by looking unto Jesus, He guarantees your glorious destination,” the clergyman added.